South African Jewellery in Adelaide, South Australia

Bringing South Africa to you.


Out of Zululand is an adelaide based retail store that specialises in South African jewellery, crafts, accessories and homewares.

South Africa is a land of many colours. It's one of the few places on this Earth where bright, urban colours mix fluidly with rich, warm earthy tones to create a vibrantly natural environment. We are South Africans who found a new home in Adelaide, Australia in 2005 and since then have been working to introduce Australians to the beauty of traditional and modern South African design.


Find us at Plant 4 Bowden
1 Third St, Bowden SA 5007

Open Wednesday 4-9pm, Fridays 5-9pm, Saturday 9am-3pm and occasionally on a Sunday from 10am - 1pm.


Join in the conversation and find out the latest news on when our newest stock shipment and handmade goodies have arrived in store.

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